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Our Team


Pam Kovacs

613-727-9698 ext. 231
Wills, Estates and Corporate.

Manuela Fontana

613-727-9698 ext. 228
Family Law Legal Assistant to Stacy Coulterman and Matthew Brown.

Brigitte Priddle

613-727-9698 ext. 227
Law Clerk and Family Law Legal Assistant to J. Alison Campbell.

Leah Hills

613-727-9698 ext. 232
Real Estate Assistant to Matt Brown, Gerald Yemensky, J. Alison Campbell and Karla Policelli.

Marisa Potvin

613-727-9698 ext. 233
Family Law Legal Assistant to Karla Policelli.

Mark Brown

613-727-9698 ext. 236
Administrative Assistant.